The Perkins School (Early K-5)

The Perkins School, located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood in North Seattle, offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach that builds bridges between subject areas to create themes, rather than teaching subjects in isolation. Such integration enables students to connect with subject matter in a variety of ways, deepening their learning and broadening their understanding.

Science and math are cornerstones of the Perkins experience.  Our student-centered science program provides opportunities for students to ask questions, test and critique explanations, and think critically about meaningful real-life problems.

Individualization at Perkins happens in all academic areas and ensures that children are neither frustrated nor bored.  Teachers adapt presentations, activities and assignments so that students are challenged and supported at appropriate levels.  Our success with educating children is understanding them, valuing them as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses, and treating them with respect.