The Meridian School (K-5)

The Meridian School is an independent, K-5 school with a caring and inclusive community nestled in Wallingford’s Meridian Park. Meridian is a place where the joy of childhood infuses the excitement of learning. By integrating curriculum, character, and community, we provide the foundation for well-rounded students. Our graduates are confident, capable, and well-prepared for the next phase of their academic lives.

Our Mission: The Meridian School promotes a balance of mind and heart, of contemplation and action, of individuality and a commitment to the community.

Our Beliefs:
  • Curriculum should challenge, engage and inspire students. At Meridian, we provide an excellent academic education in which the joy of childhood infuses the excitement of learning.
  • Character is built upon integrity, compassion, and responsibility. At Meridian, students are guided toward self-discipline and thoughtful decisions, mindful of themselves, others and their environment.
  • Community is the heart of a school. At Meridian, all students, staff and families are known and valued. We strive to create an equitable and inclusive culture. Our connections are strengthened through close student-teacher relationships, strong parent involvement, and active engagement with our local and global communities.

Program Highlights: Customized Learning, Place-Based Education, Service Learning and Global Studies curriculums

Weekly tours: beginning October 11, we offer tours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11:15AM. To sign-up, please visit The Meridian School page on Ravenna’s website: