KapKa Cooperative School (K-5)

Founded in 1988, KapKa Cooperative School provides an exceptional progressive, integrative education for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. The name KapKa comes from a Klamath word meaning “young evergreen.” At our school, we cultivate a child’s academic, social and emotional growth in a supportive community. Our experience-based curriculum is developed through annual themes that inspire the students, providing an engaging vehicle through which they master fundamental academics.

These are the key elements of our unique educational approach:

  • A focus on the joy of learning. We strive to create lifelong learners by helping students discover their passions and intrinsic motivations. At KapKa, children explore and ask questions to find answers, as opposed to passively receiving and recalling facts. They learn-by-doing and become flexible problem solvers. KapKa educators create a safe environment, a place where children feel confident taking risks and challenging themselves.
  •  A respect for the individual. Sending your child to KapKa ensures that they will be known and seen.  Children are respected, not only by their teachers, but by the entire staff, as well as parents, and most importantly, their peers. KapKa’s teacher-student ratios never exceed 1:14 and with additional parent volunteers, we can customize instruction to help every child reach her or his potential. Because each child learns a little differently, KapKa teachers offer students multiple paths to reach their educational goals. Children are able to find routes that resonates with their learning styles.
  • Students are empowered and responsible. Students help guide the direction of their studies and the school’s social aspects, fostering children invested in their own education. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and their values, and accept the consequences of their actions. The children learn to work collaboratively and assume leadership roles.
  • Teachers are accountable and free to shape curriculum. KapKa’s teachers believe in following educational best-practices and are not limited by outdated, entrenched approaches or held back by slow-moving bureaucracies. They have the professional freedom to adjust the curriculum as needed. Instructors are eager to engage parents and explain their teaching strategies, methodologies and objectives.

In the fall of 2020, attend our virtual school fairs!