For Schools

Our Mission

Puget Sound Independent Schools (PSIS) promotes the value of local independent school education, and works collaboratively to make the admission process more accessible for prospective families.

Founding Statement of Purpose

Puget Sound Independent Schools members are affiliated with the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) and adhere to best practices in independent school education provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Puget Sound Independent Schools members work together to:

  • Promote independent school options in our region through shared marketing, events, and outreach
  • Streamline the admission process by offering common admission forms, coordinating open house dates, and establishing common admission deadlines


For more than 20 years, admission directors in the Seattle area have convened to agree on common application dates and a common teacher evaluation form. A small group of Seattle and Eastside admission directors formed as the Northwest Admission Collaborative (NAC) to work on additional common application materials to simplify the admission process for families. In 2013, the NAC surveyed the regional admission director group and with their support, a more formal admission consortium was created to provide structure to the existing collaboration on application dates, forms, marketing, mentorship, and outreach. The group has a self-governing Steering Committee with elected officers. All Puget Sound area schools affiliated with NWAIS are invited to join the consortium.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Presence on a website for prospective families containing a school directory, event calendar and map, and information about independent school education and the admission process.
  2. Representation in advertising placed in local print and digital publications and on social media.
  3. Access to four school fairs:
    • Independent School Fair for People of Color
    • Seattle Independent School Fair
    • Eastside Independent School Fair
    • Independent School Spring Fair
  4. Common forms – More than 30 independent schools use one or more of the common application forms developed by the consortium.
    • Teacher Evaluations
    • Student Essay and Short Answer Prompts
    • Parent Essay Prompts
    • Transcript Request
  5. Mentorship for new admission professionals

PSIS has no professional staff – all our work groups are made up of volunteers from our individual schools. In order to sustain and continue to improve our benefits, the consortium will charge annual dues to member schools based on the school’s enrollment. Member schools should plan to contribute to the consortium’s work groups: Marketing, Forms, Mentoring, and Events. Work groups meet throughout the year to refine and improve the consortium’s messaging and tools to achieve our mission and continue to grow our value for our members.

For more information regarding Puget Sound Independent Schools, please contact one of our Co-chairs, Calley Hart, Tearon Joseph, or Ken Bender.

  • Calley Hart, Director of Admissions, Open Window School
  • Tearon Joseph, Associate Director of Admissions/Financial Aid Programs Director, Lakeside
  • Ken Bender, Director of Enrollment Management, Giddens School