St. Thomas School (Preschool-8)

At St. Thomas School, we provide a personalized learning experience that challenges and empowers students to be successful in any environment.  Established in 1951, St. Thomas School offers a rigorous, non-sectarian program for students age 2½ through Grade 8.  The program emphasizes mastery of core academic knowledge and skills, the integration of technological thinking, decision-making, and research skills, and the development of character and core virtues.  The learning process is dynamic. Teachers balance a traditional approach to skill and knowledge acquisition with an inquiry-based model that recognizes the importance of students constructing knowledge and “learning by doing.” Class sizes are kept small so that students have maximum opportunities to interact with their teachers and one another.  Core subjects are organized within a framework of cross-disciplinary themes, which help students see connections across subjects and relate what they learn to life.  In addition, students participate in community service projects, gardening projects, and leadership opportunities.  Character development is emphasized daily.

The world demands students who are mathematicians, artists, readers, researchers, and writers.  We go beyond and expect students to become leaders, collaborators, and young people of character.  Personalized learning begins with relationship, and our relationships with parents, students, teachers, staff, alumni, other schools, and business partners are essential.

Our most important resource is our dedicated team of educators who strive to implement an enriching curriculum that embraces core academics, the development of character, a broad exposure to the fine arts, and physical education. We have a commitment to hiring outstanding educators who love to teach. Inspirational teaching begets inspired learning. St. Thomas School is also dedicated to providing the time and resources needed for teachers to be professionally renewed.  The learning environment is joyful. Children are naturally inquisitive and possess an internal motivation to learn about their world. Each and every day, children are actively engaged in the classroom, making discoveries and reflecting on their own learning.

St. Thomas School cherishes a climate in which creative thought and unique solutions are celebrated.  We invite, welcome, and celebrate diverse cultures, individuals, experiences, and perspectives within our school community and the world beyond our doors. The members of our school community comprise a partnership of all constituents, including students, families, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and neighbors. We believe that understanding and exploring the connections among us makes us stronger. Together, our shared values of gratitude, responsibility, respect, courage, integrity, tolerance, compassion, perseverance, and generosity foster an inclusive and multicultural learning environment.

An entire community supports children in reaching high and succeeding, and a state-of-the-art building fosters whole-child learning at the highest level.  The school draws families from many different communities within a 15 miles radius of the school and financial aid is available.

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